Fall 2013

December 07, 2013

Having so fond an affection for you, we were well-pleased to impart to you not only the gospel of God but also our own lives, because you had become very dear to us.
1 Thessalonians 2:8

An update on what has happened over the last couple of months (October and November):

• Juan is currently in the Tarrant County Jail. I plan to go see him soon. Please pray that the Lord will give me the right words to say to him to get him back on track in his walk with the Lord.

TYC (McFadden Ranch):
• Chuck Grice continues with me in leading Bible study at McFadden Ranch on Monday nights. The Bible studies have still been attracting about 9 faithful young men each week! We still have the most faithful group of young men in quite a while. Chuck is a great help and teacher. We are going through the book of Matthew – on DVD – the youth really like this and are really learning.
• We were able to make some additional trips to get state IDs for some of the youth. This helps them when they get out, to readily be able to get a job.
• We were able to take an additional 6 youth for their GED lunch at Golden Corral. This “treat” is designed to encourage the youth to continue their education.
• As you can tell, not much has been going on at McFadden the last couple of months. There is a new superintendant and it may take a while to get things going. I HAD planned on youth from Countryside going to play them in a sport and share the gospel on December 1st, but that got cancelled. Also cancelled was a trip to go to Countryside with me on a past Sunday in November. Please pray that things would get going again!

Youth Village:
• Bible studies (group and individual) continue at Youth Village. We are going thru the book of Matthew. Please pray that God would speak to their hearts and that it would make an impact on them. Please pray that more of the young men will start attending.
• Praise! The staff at Youth Village have been more accommodating for us to continue the Bible studies. Please pray that they will continue!
Hope Inn Christ (Decatur, TX):
• One youth came to Hope Inn Christ right before Thanksgiving. They are expecting up to 4 more youth before Christmas! Please pray that we would be able to encourage them and help them grow in their relationship with Christ.
• Two youth that I work with at McFadden are planning on going to Hope Inn Christ after their stay at McFadden. Please pray that they would do well there and would grow close to God.

Methodist Children’s Home (Waco, TX):
(Inside Waco: about 150 youth in all, 8 to 10 per home; can come from abuse, neglect and other circumstances; ages range from 13 to 18; Outside Waco: Boys Ranch with 40 youth)
• I started working with a group home of 8 youth in August. This has been a real struggle for me. Some of the youth are not open to the gospel and some youth are not interested at all. But there is one youth who is trying to live for the Lord! Please pray for him (Enzo).
• Please pray that more of the youth would have open hearts and minds and that I would speak the exact words the Lord wants them to hear.
• As you can tell, this still seems to be quite a struggle in getting the guys to come to Bible study. But the one and sometimes two are making progress – asking questions and at least are open to the gospel!

And again, THANK YOU for your continued prayers and support. Below are some areas of prayer needs that are on my heart at this time. Some requests you may have seen before.

ONLY in HIS strength,
Ernie Black

Prayer Requests:
• For Enzo and Matt that they would truly give their lives to Christ – MCH
• Keep praying for patience and faithfulness as the times change in both TYC and Youth Village. The youth are a lot wilder than what we used to see. Pray that we would be able to make a difference in their lives. Also please pray for the superintendents!
• Pray that when we share the gospel that it would be accurate and with the love of God, that we would speak clearly, and that the hearts of the young men would be open to hear God’s Word.
• Please pray for the incoming youth at Hope Inn Christ that they would have the right mindset and that they would be willing to learn and apply all that is taught there. Please also pray for the leaders who work with them!

• Matt at MCH finally got a job!
• Able to see some fruit in the lives of some of the young men at both McFadden Ranch and Youth Village.
• For Chuck Grice who continues to help with Bible study at McFadden. He is a great encouragement to me!

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