Meet Frank – A Story of God’s Grace

One day when I was doing a Bible study with a youth in Gainesville, Frank appeared at the door and asked if he could join us. I said “sure.” Frank became a regular at the weekly Bible study and came armed with many questions. I could tell that he was sincere. A few weeks later, he came after the study and told me he was ready to place his faith and trust in Christ. He continued to come to the studies and came armed with more questions. Those that he had in between studies, he wrote down and mailed to me. I could see the change that Christ had made in his life, and I got to know Frank more and more. Frank had done well enough to transfer to Cottrell House (a halfway house in Dallas), where I continued to meet with him. He finally got a furlough and went to his neighbors, friends, and gang affiliations and told him that he now had placed his faith and trust in Christ. This was very bold, especially with the gang he was in. The gang pretty much left him alone, but Frank continued to let them know of his conversion and his new life with Christ. Frank continues to read his Bible, even on the bus, at work during breaks, and has joined a church in Dallas where he lives. He tries to share the good news with many people on a daily basis. I am proud of Frank for all that he has become and his sincere faith. He is a growing Christian and I am thankful for the opportunity to continue our relationship and to encourage him. Thanks be to God!

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